Yes! We make covers for anything and everything...

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                  We cover anything
    and everything.  If what you are
looking for is not listed on our website, 
      give us a call.  We will have you 

Snowmobile Trailers
   We can cover your snowmobile trailer so your 
   machine arrives clean and dry.  We can build a 
   fixed frame with rear doors for your multiple 
   machine trailer or a clamshell design for your 
   single machine.
Hunting Tents
   Custom made tents for your annual hunting trips.
   We can recover your old awning or supply a 
   complete retractable awning system.  You can have
   it remote controlled or automatically come out when
   it gets sunny or retract when it gets windy.

   Got a special project in mind? Talk it over with us
   and let's see what we can come up with.

ATV Enclosures
   We can build a complete enclosure for your
   ATV with winshield and zipper-in doors
Recreational Projects
Retractable Awning
ATV Cover
ATV Cover
Tent Trailer Repairs
Hunting Tent
Garden Canopy
Jeep Top
Snowmobile Trailer
Canoe Cover
Custom Cover