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              With over 40 
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Convertible Tops
   Convertible tops, rear windows and boots for new cars
   or classics.

Automobile Upholstery
We can replace your damaged or worn out seats and 
   panellings in cloth, vinyl or leather.
Auto Carpet
   We can replace your damaged or worn out 
Motorcycle & Snowmobile Seats
   We can recover your worn out, torn seats .
Insurance Claims
   We will work with your insurance company to set your
   vehicle back in good condition quickly and to your
   We can do all kinds of custom work.  Give us a call.
Automobile Upholstery
Fiat 500
Classic Convertible Top
Convertible Top
Red Fiat
Car Interior Recovery
Convertible Top
Convertible Top
Complete Car Interior Recovered
Custom Car Interior
Vinyl Top Cover
Convertible Top
Car Seat Recovered